Romans and jars

All kinds of pottery storage vessels were already made by the Romans, but also by the Chinese, Persians and Greeks. The jars were used to store olive oil, wine, grains and other foodstuffs. These terracotta models were traditionally copied for many centuries in southern Europe. In Portugal, some wines are still produced with fermentation in jars. It looks like the picture below from a castle in Tomar. Don Maria Barro jugs are traditionally a utensil (oil can) with extra beautiful decoration on the belly, manufactured around the end of the 19th century / early 20th century. It is a model that we do not often encounter in the Netherlands.

jugs_fermentation_donmariabarro_wine_wine history_pottery_terracotta_Tomar_Portugal_portugesewijn_wijnmaken_winehistory_potten_kasteel