Terracotta pot BASTANTE (50-69cm high)

Order terracotta pot online? You can easily do that in our webshop full of old pottery jugs (50-150 years old). Buying old jugs is now very easy, and they are also delivered to your home for FREE! The pitchers in the Bastante (small) collection are 50 to 69 cm high and therefore fit easily in any living room or conservatory. Each jug is unique - find out which one suits your interior here . For generations they have been used to store olive oil and wine. Don Maria Barro jugs are robust earthenware, manufactured in the late 19th and early 20th century. We have put together an exclusive collection of 80 high-quality handmade jars from a winery in Portugal. Give your interior a Mediterranean twist with an authentic terracotta olive jug.

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